August 24th, 2010

get critical

Poem for Tuesday and Cornell Scenery

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I did lots of driving back and forth on Monday. Daniel went in the morning to work on his summer project, and after dropping him off, I took Adam as promised to look at Wacom tablets. He wanted one with an erase feature and good pressure sensitivity, so he ended up getting a Bamboo CTH460 with some of the money he earned from selling a video to It Only Hurts When I Laugh and spent a lot of the afternoon setting it up, learning to use it, and making art with it. We went back to pick up Daniel in the afternoon and got to see the propellers of the rotor device that he's working on as they spun up. I mentioned that we had seen Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey for the Nintendo DS in the store, and ended up agreeing to buy it for him today on the condition that he's not allowed to play it till he finishes the college common application essays. So he finally did start on those, in addition to doing more work on the summer project which needs to be mostly finished before he goes back to school next week.

Late in the afternoon, I folded laundry while watching Cruel Intentions, which had come up in conversation a couple of times both because "Bittersweet Symphony" seems to be getting a lot of air time of late and because somehow we ended up talking about how well Ryan Phillippe plays John Malkovich in the film -- it's not an adaptation of Les Liaisons Dangereuses so much as it is a reconception of Dangerous Liaisons set in the modern era, and all the actors seem to be playing their counterparts in that movie. We all enjoyed it and now my kids know that people behaved just as naughtily in the 1700s as on prom night. I think I said everything else I had to say in The Green Man Review. Later we all half-watched the Titans beating the Cardinals, which I care about only because the Redskins' lead Hog Russ Grimm is now an offensive coach on the Cardinals (the Ravens beat the Redskins while we were at the Vienna Teng concert). Now we are watching Jon Stewart's utterly fabulous explanation of why we must all stop watching Fox News or we'll be supporting terrorists, according to Fox News!

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