August 25th, 2010


Poem for Wednesday and Corning Museum of Glass

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We had a relatively quiet morning -- Daniel working on summer homework and project stuff, Adam working on art with his Wacom tablet, me still trying to catch up on things from our trip last week. My mother had a morning meeting about Hebrew school and afterward came to take the kids out to lunch, though they took their time both getting off the computers to get ready and deciding what they wanted to eat, so that by the time they had settled on the Original Pancake House, I was hungry and wanted pancakes too! So my mom invited me along, and Adam and I split a jalapeno omelette and praline pancakes while mom had crepes and Daniel had "The Works" -- eggs, bacon, pancakes, hash browns. It was all yummy.

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We caught up on last week's Futurama -- the body-swap episode, which reminded me of Farscape's body-swap episode. Lots of sci-fi shows have done one where people of different genders get swapped, but there aren't as many where humans and aliens swap bodies -- let alone have human-alien same-sex relations while in the wrong bodies -- probably there are people who will be bugged by consent issues but this is Futurama so I can't really take it that seriously. Ironically, this week's Warehouse 13 was a body-swap episode too, though I wish Claudia and Artie had been in on that action instead of in a heterosexist Possessed Men cliche while Pete was swaggering around in Mika's heels at her high school reunion.