August 27th, 2010

green little review

Poem for Friday and National Aviary

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Adam had a high school orientation in the spring that we thought duplicated the one that took place Thursday morning, but apparently we were wrong because his friend called with a provisional schedule (which may change between now and Monday when school starts properly). So although I had plans to have lunch with gblvr -- my father took the boys out to lunch at Hamburger Hamlet -- I had to rush over to the high school to get the schedule from the guidance counselor, because he wants to switch from honors to AP US History if he can, which hopefully will also let him switch from software design to journalism which he'd like to do. We still had time for some girly shopping -- Fire & Ice, Brighton -- and to share crepes!

The rest of the afternoon mostly involved chores, taking a walk, taking a shower, and other things not worth detailing. We watched "Dark Page," the Next Gen episode I need to review on Friday, which I'd recalled as being rather overwrought but it's really quite good, both the performances and the emotional content. Then we watched "Lrrreconcilable Ndndifferences," this week's marital problems Futurama, which was cute, but afterward Comedy Central reran "Roswell That Ends Well," which is one of the funniest half-hours in TV history. And then Jon Stewart explained Glenn Beck's plans for America and we couldn't decide whether to laugh or spend all night throwing up.

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