September 5th, 2010


Poem for Sunday and Glen Echo Art Show

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My father is now on the board of Glen Echo Park and wanted to go to the Labor Day Art Show, which is going on all weekend, so since Adam was interested in seeing the photography and Daniel can usually be talked into going to see glassblowing, we went with my parents to the park after lunch on a day of the most perfect weather in weeks -- just under 80 degrees, partly overcast, breezy, glorious. (We did not mention to the kids that there was going to be Irish dancing, heh.) I've never seen glassblowing at Glen Echo before and I understand from the guys who were working in the studio that they just got new glass ovens; they were making glass pumpkins at the demonstration, in a very similar manner to the ones we've seen made at Art of Fire. There was glass and pottery for sale on tables outside the yurts where we've seen it displayed at the Washington Folk Festival, and we walked through the art show in the Spanish Ballroom, where there was more gorgeous glasswork and some wonderful photos, plus the permanent art galleries in the arcade.

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After getting ice cream and heading out of Glen Echo with stops at some of the old amusement park fixtures -- the miniature golf course is completely overgrown at this point, but the old trolley car is still out in front, and Adventure Theatre and the Puppet Company have moved into the arcade -- we came home, where older son worked on homework and Adam worked on projects for his photography class (including a walk in the woods where he took photos of many deer). Paul had been quoting the Ministry of Silly Walks skit at the Irish dancing -- we both feel certain that John Cleese must have been forced to take Irish dance, or at least to watch Irish dance -- so we put on Monty Python's Flying Circus, which we all watched happily for several hours because nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition! Both kids have more homework to finish Sunday and Daniel is meeting with his summer project mentor so I'm not quite sure what else is on the agenda yet.