September 9th, 2010


Poem for Rosh Hashanah and Renfaire Animals

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Paul took the working van since it was a warm Wednesday and I had lots to do in the house anyway. The high point of my morning was folding laundry, which I did while watching The Time Traveler's Wife, because what's the fun of folding laundry if I don't at least get to watch chick flicks while I control the TV? I wasn't all that impressed, though I did not read the book and it's probable that the things that irritated me in the film aren't from the book, which I understand switches POV between the time traveler and his wife; the film really should have been called The Time Traveler, since it was far more about him than about Clare, though really just the fact that she's defined as his wife and not an artist, a mother, etc. in the title is pretty telling. Things I really did like: the cinematography, shots of Chicago, Rachel McAdams. Things I liked well enough: Eric Bana, the low-key special effects. Things I really did not like: Collapse )

We had Rosh Hashanah dinner with my parents, their friends who have come for dinner each of the past several years -- they have a daughter my age with whom we carpooled to nursery school and who went to high school with me, so I've known them nearly my entire life -- and my in-laws, who had been in Philadelphia earlier in the day for a seminary meeting and drove down for the evening. The food was all fabulous -- I wasn't sure if I'd miss chicken soup and gefilte fish, since this is the first year I'm eating neither, but my mother made me vegetable soup and I also had potato pancakes, barley, carrot souffle, and apple-cheddar strata, plus raspberry chocolate cake for dessert, so it's not like I missed anything! We talked about politics, genetics, colleges, religion, the media, and assorted other topics. Now we're watching Jon Stewart, who is nicely dissecting extremists. Here are some of the animals from the Pennsylvania Renfaire:

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