September 10th, 2010

green little review

Poem for Friday and Cabin John Nature

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Paul's parents spent erev Rosh Hashanah at my parents' house after driving down from Pennsylvania, so on Thursday morning they came over for breakfast, which Paul made after doing a phone conference from home -- buckwheat pancakes, scrambled eggs with red and green pepper, bacon and sausage (turkey and veggie). We had a nice morning with them before they had to leave to head home for a meeting. In the afternoon, we took our kids and Adam's friend to Locust Grove nature center, where we visited the snakes and caterpillars inside before hiking around in Cabin John Park, where we saw fish in the creek, birds in the trees, and a little black ringneck snake slithering in the grass.

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It was a busy TV night -- first a terrible Star Trek: The Next Generation episode, the heavy-handed and poorly-thought-out "Force of Nature," then the new Nikita series. Of the latter I will say only that I wasn't bored, I was pleased to see Melinda Clarke, I've generally liked Maggie Q, and any show with four kick-ass women deserves my attention for long enough to see whether it can improve upon the fact that right now in terms of acting or characterization it doesn't hold a candle to the 1997 TV series or the original film (not the U.S. remake). I'll watch next week and see where it goes.

Van #2 is currently having its 90,000 mile tune-up -- no major crises, but several moderately expensive maintenance issues, and we won't have it back until tomorrow morning...not before noon, either, since our plumber is coming to explain why two of our toilets are leaking. I'm hoping these will be all the repairs necessary around here for a while.