September 19th, 2010


Poem for Sunday and Backyard Wildlife

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The baby bird whom Adam rescued from the road nearly two months ago is free! We let him out of the cage on our deck this morning, thinking that, as he does at Rose's, he would stay on top of the cage, but he took off for the tree above the deck, then climbed onto the roof. I kept the cage open for him and kept food in it all day, but though he peered over a few times, he wouldn't come down. Rose came over and called to him in case he was scared or wanted to be fed, but he didn't come down even for her. Eventually we lost track of him -- I don't know if he flew off the roof or just didn't stick his head over for us. We're leaving his cage open on the deck just in case he gets scared or hungry and doesn't know where else to go, but if he didn't come for Rose, whose hair and shoulder have been his home base for the past few weeks, then I think he's taken off for good. While out checking on the birdie, I took photos of several other animals in the area:

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In the evening we went with my parents to break the fast -- though none of the six of us were fasting -- at the home of a friend of my mother's, where another friend was hosting the meal, though everyone who came brought food (Paul made veggie kugel, my mother made a blintz souffle, and there were quiches and bagels and spreads and cheese and fruit and noodle kugel and brownies and cheesecake and I don't want to remember what else because it will just remind me how much I ate)! Everything was delicious and I had a really nice time catching up with the kids of my parents' friends, most of whom I've known since I was a young child. The younger son of the woman who was hosting was there with his wife and baby, whom I've never met since it's usually his older brother who comes down, and all three children of my mother's friend for whom I was an aide in high school when she team-taught English with my favorite teacher (her husband is one of my father's oldest friends from summer camp). Conversation ranged from politics to colleges to Smallville's tenth season.