September 20th, 2010


Poem for Monday and Mount Vernon Colonial Fair

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On Sunday we went to Mount Vernon's annual Colonial Market & Fair, where I got to see both ngech and dementordelta! Sadly, we didn't get to spend very long with the former, as she had to go rehearse Shakespeare in Klingon (which is too awesome for words -- I've owned The Klingon Hamlet since it was released), but we did get to watch 18th century chocolate-making together! The rest of us sat and had a picnic behind the marketplace, with Ship's Company playing music just on the other side of the trees and the rat-catcher visiting with his adorable rat. Then we walked around the market -- we especially admired the handmade soaps, the glass, the teas, and the lace merchant -- before heading down to see the farm animals, including nine piglets, several sheep, some cows, horses, and chickens, and a turtle found by some boys in the woods on the property that we're hoping they put back where they found. We did not tour the mansion this time, since we're waiting to do that Christmas week when the upstairs is often open to visitors since it isn't so hot. We did talk like a pirate very much, but then, Mount Vernon was never raided by pirates so far as I can recall.

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We missed all of the Ravens game and much of the Redskins game, which was not a loss in either case considering how hard both teams tried to lose -- Baltimore's Flacco threw the ball to Cincinnati practically as often as his own receivers, and the Redskins blew a big lead, finally letting the game slip away in overtime. In the meantime Paul made peanut soup (which I always crave when visiting Mount Vernon since the inn there has fantastic peanut soup), and I started washing the dishes, doing the laundry, etc. while the kids finished their homework. Afterward we all watched Merlin, then Boardwalk Empire, which had gotten excellent reviews in a couple of places. Collapse ) Collapse )