September 21st, 2010

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Poem for Tuesday and Colonial Fair Fun

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Did some work, sorted some papers, folded some laundry, had a pretty typical Monday, other than being made to feel self-conscious about blogging by two people who should know better (one doesn't think I should talk about doing chores, which, considering she has a housekeeper, is certainly more chores than she'd otherwise think about, another who thinks I should have a better job, though she hasn't worked in years since her spouse makes lots of money). And I'm thinking of defriending everyone at Dreamwidth and InsaneJournal who crossposts to LiveJournal, because I am sick of people defriending me on LiveJournal to try to make me read them on Dreamwidth or InsaneJournal, when I still have ten times as many people on my friends list on LiveJournal and most days I just don't have time to check Dreamwidth and InsaneJournal too. Nearly everyone I know is still crossposting rather than leaving LiveJournal, which leads me to believe that convenience is more important to those people than whatever privacy or business issues they have with LiveJournal, so why do I keep having to beg people to let me keep reading where it's convenient for me?

Evening was nice, at least. Watched Good Will Hunting, which I don't think I'd ever seen all the way through before -- I remembered certain parts, but other parts I was sure I'd never seen. I wasn't particularly a Matt Damon fan until relatively late in the game (people always told me Paul and Daniel looked like him, which I thought was funny because I didn't think he was all that hot when he was younger -- physically, Ben Affleck was more my type), but he's really excellent in that film; I know Robin Williams won the Oscar, and he's quite good, but Damon is the one whose performance is really unforgettable. Plus Jupiter is in opposition and you can see the four largest moons very easily with binoculars, so we went out and played Galileo for a while in the most magnificent weather we've had in months. And son insisted that we watch some Monty Python, which included "Albatross" (the live version is on the disc extras too), so that is always a mood-lifter.

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