September 23rd, 2010

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Poem for Thursday, Undercovers, Mount Vernon Animals

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My morning mostly involved chores and a bad headache whose source I didn't understand until I got the thunderstorm warning for later in the afternoon -- since I've mostly stopped having migraines, when I do start to get one, I worry and think I must have overdone the sodium by accident or my blood pressure must be up, but in most cases it turns out either that I've mistimed my cycle or that there's a big weather front on the way. The Lunar Autumn Festival in China fell on the 22nd and I had promised Adam that I would try to find moon cakes for him, which proved to be far more complicated than I had imagined. I confirmed that the Asian supermarket behind White Flint Mall had closed, which I'd thought I'd heard, so I went to the Asian supermarket in Wintergreen shopping center...and it had closed too! Woe! I called Paul from the parking lot and asked him to Google Asian supermarkets in Rockville, and as it turns out, there's a big new one called Maxim further up Hungerford Drive just past Rockville Town Square. But they were sold out of moon cakes! I got some sesame cookies, mochi, and something called Ming Kung cakes which apparently involve red bean paste and rice flour...we never even got around to tasting them, we got full on the cookies and the sesame noodles and stir fry that Paul made!

After dinner, Daniel went to work on his summer project with his advisor and the rest of us watched Undercovers, which had gotten mostly lukewarm reviews I saw, so I was surprised at how great it was -- okay, mediocre spy story with too many gadgets, but the leads have amazing chemistry (and are two of the best-looking people I have ever seen, which makes it really easy to look at them, though I want to know when two caterers have three hours a day to spend in the gym, since they're so amazingly fit they must never taste their own food). And you know they haven't always been caterers if they live in THAT house! But they're delightful together, sweet and funny -- I love stories about married couples who are in love without being syrupy and still hot for each other after lots of years together -- and there are fun slashy moments too (Samantha to Bill: "It's the woman married to the man you love"). Oh, and some of us watched the new Deathly Hallows trailer, which features Snape AND Lucius (we know where my priorities are). And the Philadelphia Eagles have made it easy for me to decide whom I want to lose the NFC East, and it ain't Dallas or the Giants -- it's Michael Vick.

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