September 29th, 2010

green little review

Poem for Wednesday, Cabin John Park, Glee

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I met gblvr for lunch, chat, and a bit of shopping -- Old Navy's clearance stuff was an additional 30% off and most of their cardigans and sweaters were on sale, so now we have things to wear when the temperature drops. It didn't, much, today; I'm not sure it hit 84 as forecast, but it was warm and sunny most of the afternoon. I took Adam to tennis after school and went for what was supposed to be a long, quiet walk through Cabin John Park, though it ended up being not-so-quiet because three local high schools' cross-country track teams were having a race on the paths in the woods, and there were cheerleaders at various spots to cheer them on! They finished (or at least ran out of the woods) before I finished following the trail along the creek, though, and by the time I was headed back toward the tennis center, there was a young male deer standing and eating grass about two feet off the path, so it ended up being a nice walk. I still don't know whether Adam's high school won the race, though.

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I know I must be old because I am not in love with Glee, though I have read that Glee does really well among older musical theater fans, and I was a fanatic in college and grad school before the prices got ridiculous and the shows got increasingly mediocre, so maybe it's just me. I love Sue Sylvester, the most delightful epic bitch in the history of television, but I keep hoping that some other character -- preferably a female character -- will show a modicum of believable human empathy or be motivated by something other than self-interest. Yes, I get that Finn's mostly a nice guy, and I'd pick football and the chance for a college scholarship over Rachel and Quinn both, but *snore* about Finn's problems compared to other people, and that goes double for Will. Collapse )