September 30th, 2010


Poem for Thursday and Renfaire Nostalgia

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We were supposed to get rain late in the day on Wednesday, but we actually had drizzle from early in the morning, so it was gray and dark outside and I feel like I never properly woke up -- Thursday may be even worse so far as that is concerned, since what's left of Tropical Storm Nicole is supposed to dump several inches of rain on us. That wasn't even the top story on our local news, though -- it was a tour bus that fell off a Beltway ramp onto an I-270 ramp, making traffic a nightmare and causing apaulled to spend more than half an hour trying to drive less than a quarter mile on his route home (which was nothing compared to what people crossing Virginia into Maryland had to deal with). The driver died and the passengers, many of whom were children, were taken to a hospital not far from where I live, so driving on any local roads this evening proved ill-advised since everyone was looking for an alternate route home.

Fortunately I had been out earlier, though unfortunately I didn't pick up milk in any of the three food stores I passed while going to see my very oldest friend...that is, my friend of longest acquaintance, the one who has the Super Bowl party every year. We met in front of her gym, which is surrounded by restaurants, and ended up walking across Rockville Pike in the rain to Sam's Cafe and Market, where I had wonderful Persian soup with black beans, lentils, yogurt, noodles, and various veggies -- I can't remember all the ingredients and I wish I could because it was delicious! We both came home to retrieve our children and I spent a ridiculous amount of time trying to fix a link on a bracelet before I decided that I need better tweezers. I also got a long-awaited eBay bargain in the mail, in a paper envelope absolutely shredded by the post office -- it arrived in one of those "We're Sorry" plastic bags -- with a huge stain on the skirt inside. I thought about leaving the seller negative feedback, considering she charged me $6 for shipping on something that weighed very little yet she was cheap or lazy to wrap the skirt in a plastic bag before throwing it into the paper envelope, but life's too short.

Watched the second episode of Undercovers, enjoyed it a lot...I still think everyone is ridiculously attractive and I don't for one second believe super-buff Steven has spent one minute as a professional cook, and a lot of the plot simply strained credulity (wow, international terrorists have trouble shooting to kill), but I like the chemistry among all the leads and I like the premise in general. I hear the show may be in trouble, though, despite coming in second in its time slot last week, because it skewed toward older viewers than the network was expecting, women in particular. I could have saved them a lot of money guessing demographics and explained that of course it would be older women who'd dig a show about a married spy couple, sheesh -- were they expecting J.J. Abrams' Star Trek numbers among young male viewers? Now I'm a bit terrified someone is going to have sex with a green-skinned girl in an upcoming episode.

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