October 2nd, 2010


Poem for Saturday, 'The Pegasus' and Parrots

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It was a much nicer day on Friday than Thursday -- the rain had stopped by early morning, and though it was much cooler and gray for a while, it turned into a lovely afternoon. I spent most of the morning writing a review of Next Gen's "The Pegasus", having forgotten until I woke up that the kids had a half-day of school for countywide teachers' meetings, then I had lunch with Adam when he got home (having discovered that he could leave 40 minutes early, at the start of the lunch period, he walked home instead of waiting for the bus). After Daniel got home an hour later, I ran out to the mall to pick up my Brighton breast cancer prevention bracelet, 20% of the cost of which is going to a local hospital -- this year they're the kind of bracelets you can add charms to, yay! -- and since it's the start of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, they were serving finger food and chocolate brownies, plus Suburban Hospital volunteers were there with various medical pamphlets.

We had dinner with my parents, watched last night's Daily Show with them (I figured they might like The Social Network-related interviews on Stewart and Colbert, they're Aaron Sorkin-West Wing fans, and I wanted my kids to see Yawning Boy during Obama's talk to Virginia students in which he mentioned Stewart's rally), then came home in time for Smallville, which I enjoyed a lot more than the season premiere -- quite often I like storylines in which Clark and Lois are doing things separately better than Clark/Lois storylines, and this week we got both longing and independence, which is a nice combination. Collapse ) Afterward we watched Vincent, the documentary narrated by John Hurt from Van Gogh's letters, with a stunning collection of images from Van Gogh's paintings and sketches plus actors moving without speaking to portray the people Van Gogh knew and observed. It's only recently that I've really appreciated what a wonderful writer Van Gogh was.

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