October 4th, 2010


Poem for Monday and Pennsylvania Renfaire Irish Weekend

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My family spent the day at the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire with dementordelta, in nearly perfect weather (mid-60s, partially overcast), among trees that are starting to change color and harvest decorations all around Mount Hope Winery. Barely Balanced was there this time, and we saw both their shows; they do acrobatics and they also do a juggling show with fire. It was Irish Weekend, so there was sheepherding, which I've never seen at a Renfaire before -- it was a lot of fun seeing sheep and border collies racing around the jousting field! Plus we saw Sloanwolfe, who played both Irish and patriotic American music on bagpipes, though we did not have haggis (and why they were serving haggis for Irish weekend is a bit puzzling to me). Instead I had a wonderful apple, bleu cheese and walnut salad during the concert, then we stayed for the bar brawl which Daniel wanted to see -- that's the show that starts with some of the nobles having a conflict and ends with everyone falling into the onstage pool.

In the afternoon we went to the early joust, then wandered around the shops for a while before returning to the arena to see the sheepherding (plus we caught the very end of the falconry show and went to see the birds). We saw the elephants, caught a bit of the Human Chess Game, went to the second Barely Balanced show, and grabbed dinner (panini for me and Adam, plus chocolate-covered cheesecake) before going to see Don Juan and Miguel's Weird Show, which is Daniel's favorite. We figure he will probably be away at college during Renfaire season next year so we wanted to get it all in this fall! While we were in Pennsylvania, our two local teams, the Ravens and the Redskins, very kindly beat the two teams everyone there seemed to be rooting for, the Steelers and the Eagles, so that was nice too -- I know it would make me a nicer person if I felt badly about Michael Vick's injury, but I think about what he did to all those dogs and then I can't think of an NFL player who more deserves to understand pain, so I really hope the Eagles rethink their starting quarterback.

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