October 5th, 2010

green little review

Poem for Tuesday and Skyline Drive

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It was dark and rainy all day Monday, which I didn't mind since we had a gorgeous weekend and we're still behind on rainfall, which can mean a short, less colorful autumn. But it felt like I was doing everything in slow motion, and now I'm practically too tired to keep my eyes open even though I didn't much exert myself. In between work and drafting a letter to the administration of one son's school which I'm hoping I won't have to send, I ran out to a couple of stores (forgot my A.C. Moore coupon, grr, and the CVS next door doesn't have Planters' low-salt mixed nuts, arrgh), and washed and dried lots of clothes that won't get folded till tomorrow. I am bummed that Renfaire season is pretty much over.

We watched "Gwaine," the fourth episode of this season of Merlin, which was enjoyable if predictable -- in some ways it felt like a mash-up of several previous episodes, but Merlin and Arthur were adorable and Gwen got to flirt a bit with someone other than Arthur, even though it had far too little Morgana for my taste. Then we watched this week's Boardwalk Empire, which continues to be very impressive in terms of recreating its era but it's hard to really like any of the main characters except Margaret Schroeder, and her choices are circumscribed by her circumstances. If it gets any more violent, I doubt I'll keep watching.

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