October 8th, 2010


Poem for Friday and Life as Zoo

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This will be a quickie because it's nearly midnight and I don't know where either my day or my evening went -- really all I did was get far too little writing done, contemplate running away to Stonehenge for the best possible view of the Venus-Sun conjunction, take a long walk in slightly warmer but still near-perfect weather with lots of animals in the woods, snap some photos of neighbors' Halloween decorations that I haven't even taken off the SD card yet, and have cats sit on me to try to keep warm.

Evening TV included Next Gen's "Homeward" (better than I remembered but still a terrible Picard episode), $#&% My Dad Says (lots of obnoxious gay stereotypes, not Shatner's finest moment either), and Nikita (only three of the four kick-ass women present this week but that's still an improvement over most shows I watch, and I am really loving Maggie Q though I am still missing Alberta Watson and Eugene Robert Glaser). If there's more news I'll catch it up tomorrow!

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