October 10th, 2010

get critical

Poem for Sunday, Airpark, Countryside Artisans

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It's nearly midnight and I'm watching Jane Lynch on Saturday Night Live (which so far has been utterly mediocre even with Jane Lynch, but that's probably not Jane Lynch's fault), so I will present in photos my awesome day at the airpark and in the agricultural reserve of Montgomery County. (Adam, who is taking photography in school, was using my DSLR and took better photos, which you can see in his blog.)

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We had leftovers for dinner because I wasn't sure whether we were meeting my parents and sister's family somewhere (in fact, I am not sure whether the latter even made it to town, since I never connected with anyone). Then we watched the new Merlin, which starts as yet another Lord of the Rings episode but then borrows from Mary Stewart instead, which is delightful (it's a long time since I've read The Crystal Cave because Marion Zimmer Bradley ruined me for later Arthurian novels, but maybe it's time for a retread). Collapse )