October 11th, 2010


Poem for Monday, May Morris, Longwood Gardens

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I have spent the day in the Brandywine Valley with my family and dementordelta, first in Wilmington at the Delaware Art Museum, which has a special exhibit of May Morris's paintings and embroidery as well as an exhibit of drawings and prints by Leonard Baskin (who was a fan of Blake's, as were the Pre-Raphaelites, hence the poem), then at Longwood Gardens, where we had a picnic and walked through several autumn exhibits including monster pumpkins, a miniature garden railway, the fall flower beds, and the conservatory, plus we saw most of a fountain show and walked all the way around the meadow to the tree houses in the woods. The weather was perfect, high 70s with a nearly cloudless sky, and although there were many cars in the Longwood parking lot, it wasn't crowded anywhere we went.

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We stopped for dinner at the Maryland House, where we all had Sbarro (I had spinach stromboli, which was yummy) and saw many happy Redskins and Ravens fans heading up I-95 from the games. Since both the Redskins and Ravens seem to win when we miss their games entirely and go sightseeing instead, I am thinking we should skip watching all football games about which we have strong feelings this season and only watch games where we don't care who wins. This will free up lots of time for other things.