October 14th, 2010

green little review

Poem for Thursday and Autumness

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My semiannual dentist appointment was Wednesday morning, and the hygienist said my gums looked great, which they didn't a year ago -- she took my blood pressure, which was below normal even though I didn't eat particularly well this weekend, and told me that blood pressure can affect gum health. So add another reason to be glad I'm avoiding sodium! After the dentist, I met vertigo66 for her birthday lunch -- her birthday isn't until Friday but our kids have no school that day so we figured we'd better meet earlier -- we went to California Pizza Kitchen, and I brought home half a Thai pizza which I get to eat for lunch tomorrow, yay!

The afternoon and evening were weird. Adam came with me to the food store because we discovered we were completely out of breakfast cereal and all snacks that he liked, and Daniel got stressed out about various abstract political and social issues while evading questions about whether this was really about college applications or what. We watched Undercovers, which remains enjoyable but at a fairly superficial fannish level for me -- I have no Deep Thoughts whatsoever to convey. Through it all, watching bits of the Chilean mine rescue has buoyed my mood...and the mood of the entire world, I suspect.

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