October 15th, 2010


Poem for Friday and Longwood Highlights

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I spent most of my Thursday morning working on the Star Trek: The Next Generation review I'd normally be doing on Friday, but my kids have no school and my husband is taking the day off, so since we're going out to enjoy the fall while the weather is good, I needed to get it done early. Unfortunately the episode was "Sub Rosa," which was just as horrible as I had remembered -- it's just as well my kids didn't watch this one with me! At least I had leftover CPK Thai peanut pizza from Wednesday, and cats to keep my lap warm -- they were not at all pleased about the cold, rainy weather.

I went to visit Rose in the afternoon to give her a copy of the Shutterfly book I made about the baby bird Adam rescued and she rehabilitated; we talked for a while about animals and photography, then I came home to see whether Daniel needed a ride home from school after his math test, since he was afraid he'd miss the bus (though he didn't). The rain eventually stopped and I took a walk after dinner, which we ate early because Daniel was going to Kay's house to finish up testing for the project he was working on with her husband over the summer. We watched $%*! My Dad Says, which had the priceless scene of William Shatner singing karaoke "I'm Too Sexy," then we rewatched the Nikita pilot because we didn't know it would be a rerun, and eventually we watched Oprah making Colbert give Stewart his mojo back.

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