October 16th, 2010


Poem for Saturday, 'Sub Rosa,' National Zoo

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The kids had no school because of a state-wide teachers' convention, so Paul took the day off and we went downtown early to the zoo for the Meet a Kiwi event in the Bird House. Virginia schools weren't closed and there were many field trips from Fairfax County schools, but it wasn't terribly crowded anywhere we went and this was the smallest Meet a Kiwi group we've been a part of yet, which was very nice because it was hosted by the woman who was at the kiwi event in the Port Royal conservation facility a couple of weeks ago, who's terrific. (Coincidentally, today was the day the zoo announced the name of the newest kiwi chick hatched earlier this year, who had been nicknamed Squeakers -- it's Areta, a Maori name that means "of noble kind.")

Since it was a gorgeous cool day and volunteers were setting up for Boo at the Zoo, the Halloween celebration, we walked around nearly the entire zoo, visiting both the indoor and outdoor bird houses, the Asia Trail, the new elephant enclosure, the invertebrates, the reptiles, the great cats, Amazonia, the small mammal house, and various other animals. We had brought a picnic to the zoo, and while we ate it, the orangutans were traveling 50 feet above our heads on the O Line from the great ape house to the Think Tank, where they play memory games. Other than a roaring lion (probably missing his females, since each of them had cubs within the past few weeks) and pair of turtles harassing a third and biting its flippers in the Amazon River exhibit, all the animals looked content!

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When we got home, I posted my review of the painfully bad Next Gen episode "Sub Rosa", then we went to my parents' for dinner. I very much enjoyed the Smallville revisionist history nostalgia trip -- Collapse ) We put on the Rangers-Yankees game briefly but figured it might be better luck for the Rangers if we turned it off while they were winning, then we watched the season premiere of Sanctuary. I must admit that that show goes right out of my head as soon as I watch it, so I didn't remember at all what was happening last season after Ashley left, but I enjoyed seeing Helen, Henry, and Forsythe again, and I am amused that Collapse ) I see that the Hobbit movie has finally been greenlit -- now I hope I actually like it!