October 18th, 2010


Poem for Monday and South Mountain Creamery Animals

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We had a pretty quiet Sunday compared to our Friday and Saturday -- well, all of us except Adam, who was invited to the Potomac River Jam by a friend and went canoeing there, which was, to quote Adam, "epic." Plus they visited the lock house and had free fruit and other snacks. The rest of us had pancakes and scrambled eggs for lunch made with the buttermilk and pepper jack cheese we got at South Mountain Creamery on Saturday, then went for a hike at Cabin John Park, since the weather was once again gorgeous, not too warm but very sunny. We also made a food store run and I started laundries -- big excitement, I know. But speaking of South Mountain Creamery on Saturday, here are some more photos from the Family Festival of the Farm event there:

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We missed most of the Ravens-Patriots game while we were hiking, but we got home during the fourth quarter and watched the overtime, all of which was exciting until the very end when Baltimore lost. Later, we interrupted the Redskins-Colts game to watch Boardwalk Empire, which I'm still appreciating but not exactly enjoying; I expect everything to end badly for everyone, which makes it hard to get attached to any of the characters (the track record for women so far has not been good), but the acting and the submersion in the era of the show has been excellent -- I adored the St. Patrick's Day celebration this week, particularly the music. It doesn't look like Washington is going to manage to beat Indianapolis but at least they played respectably the first three quarters.