October 21st, 2010


Poem for Thursday and Jewelry-Making

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I'm sure I've posted that poem before but it goes with The Blind Side, which I watched with gblvr, with whom I had a wonderful day. We met at California Tortilla and got food, then came back to my house and watched movies and made jewelry...that is, for the most part, she made jewelry and I watched and sorted beads, since I have not yet mastered the ability to twist a loop into a pin for an earring. I knew she loved Sandra Bullock so I figured she wouldn't mind watching The Blind Side, which I thought was a much better movie than I was expecting. I mean, it's very predictable, but that's really my only major criticism -- I did not think it was "white lady saves the day," as Mad Magazine joked in its summary of Oscar nominees, I thought it was a story about one woman who made a rather spontaneous decision because she saw a freezing cold, miserable kid, and that Michael's race was, if not irrelevant to him, not a significant factor in her choices Collapse )

Anyway, I enjoyed seeing all the coaches playing themselves and I enjoyed Bullock's performance, which was nicely understated for her and particularly for the sort of role that usually wins an Oscar -- the Academy has generally seemed to prefer histrionics. (Speaking of motion picture organizations, I need someone to point me to a really good explanation of the Hobbit and the actor's strike and why the fact that New Zealand Equity works with an Australian guild has somehow made actors wanting fair compensation the villain in the fact that Warner Bros now has an excuse to film in the UK, which it sounds like they'd prefer for reasons having nothing to do with the actors.) After The Blind Side, since we were still making jewelry, we put on When in Rome, which we both saw recently but we both really liked, since it's hard for me to count beads and concentrate on a new movie anyway! When eventually gblvr had to go home, my family half-watched the MLB playoffs around dinner (with a break for Undercovers) -- I really wanted this to be the last day I'd have to see the Yankees, but alas, it was not to be. If I have to watch a Yankees-Giants series, I will NOT be happy. Here is some of the jewelry that gblvr made for me -- her Etsy store, Vážka Sny, will be open later in the week!

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