October 29th, 2010

green little review

Poem for Friday and Maryland Zoo's Africa

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Thursday was probably the last ridiculously warm gorgeous October day -- we're supposed to drop 20 degrees tomorrow -- so I didn't get a lot done but I did take two long walks in a neighborhood whose sidewalks are increasingly covered by yellow tulip poplar and brown oak leaves with some red maple mixed in. One of my neighbors stopped by to offer Adam a job walking her two big dogs after school every day -- he'll soon be making more money a week than I am and be able to buy himself some of the camera equipment and software he wants -- so we chatted for a while, and I visited with another neighbor later in the day while she was out working on her Halloween decorations. (Ours are going to be very simple -- jack-o-lanterns, giant fake spiderweb, candles!)

I actually enjoyed $#*! My Dad Says this week -- far fewer gratuitous gay jokes, just Henry being hot for the male real estate guy, and I snickered at the main plot because my father always jokingly warned me not to write a Neil Simon-style play about him which is essentially what Henry does (well, a $1000 article, which is awfully cheap to sell out one's relatives). I enjoyed Nikita far more, though -- it makes me so happy that so many of the stories are focused on women and their experiences, and thus far they haven't bumped any off gratuitously the way I feared might happen this week. I'd bet anything that Nikita's murdered lover isn't really dead at all -- he's probably secretly running Section -- and now that the show has a full season order, I want to meet him.

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