November 1st, 2010


Poem for Monday and Halloween

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When the weather has cooperated and when Halloween has fallen on a weekend or school holiday -- the first quarter ends at the end of October, so it's sometimes a conference day, as Monday is this year -- we have often gone to Scott's Run, where the creek joins the Potomac River. That's what we did this Halloween morning, hiking over the stone bridges and down the cliff to the waterfall and flat, expansive view of the river in northern Virginia. Then we came home so Daniel could pack and get ready for the Halloween slumber party he's attending overnight; the plan is apparently Shin Megami Tensei and other video games, plus some Doctor Who, plus junk food. It's a co-ed party and if I had a different kind of kid, I'd probably be worried about what shenanigans might occur, but given what these kids are like, they are probably going to stay up all night with actual joysticks in their hands.

The rest of us stopped at Michael's for big candles to put inside our pumpkins, then at the food store for a couple of extra bags of candy and some actual food, then came home in time for the neighborhood Halloween party, which was mostly for little kids but had plenty of adults and some teen siblings milling around. I chatted with a lot of neighbors and took a lot of adorable photos of small children in costumes, then came home for a rushed dinner with trick-or-treaters already starting to arrive. I had miniature Snickers, Three Musketeers, Kit Kat, Reese's, Nestle Crunch, Milky Way, and Butterfinger, then Adam made the devastating discovery that Junior Mints contain gelatin, which will sadly make it easier for me not to overeat at the movies from now on. Even so, it was a lovely evening, with cool weather and fewer visitors than previous years. If only the Redskins had not had such a horrible afternoon!

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