November 7th, 2010

green little review

Poem for Sunday, Parks, Trains, Bazaar

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I did lots of fun things indoors and out on Saturday, but my web site -- or rather my web hosting, specifically FTP and all other means of file management -- is completely screwed up tonight, and I've spent the past two hours trying to figure out how to upload a photo there, and now I must go turn my clocks back. So rather than try to describe our day in detail, I'll let the photos speak for me:

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We watched The Blind Side in the evening since I was the only member of the family who'd seen it -- the others all follow the Ravens, so they know who Michael Oher is, and I figured that even if the story of high school adversity didn't appeal to them, they'd get a kick out of the opening in which we get to see Lawrence Taylor ending Joe Theismann's career. Everyone enjoyed it a lot.