November 9th, 2010

green little review

Poem for Tuesday and Saturday Festivities

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gblvr and I met for Lebanese Taverna and a bit of shopping, by which I mean we went to look at jewelry in Of Kindred Spirits, then to Michael's, where we both bought beads (I had a coupon for half off anything, so I got one of those big sets of glass seed beads cheap, yay)! Then we went our separate ways and she took photos for her Etsy store (now live, yay, go look) and I took apart three pairs of earrings I haven't worn in years (Chalice Well, Celtic knots, peace signs) and put them back together with some color, so it's like having new earrings. Plus I made a pair with Swarovski crystals and miniature crystal balls, which are very shiny -- I needed something to wear to Deathly Hallows next week! Here are some more photos from my busy Saturday visiting festivals and parks:

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After dinner -- (fake) chicken parmesan with spaghetti -- we watched the first episode of National Geographic's Great Migrations, which is fantastic -- wonderful story on elephant seal dives, moving story about a group's attempt to tag elephants with transmitters to send text messages to warn people when they'd be coming around, and lots of gratuitous penguins -- we decided to try to catch up on The Sarah Jane Adventures with "Vault of Secrets" -- not my favorite episode story-wise, but the many references to other sci-fi franchises made up for it ("Prepare to be incinerated." "Here come Mulder and Scully."), and, even given how badly Rani's mother is written, better connections between characters than Doctor Who managed most of last season. I wonder how I'll like Matt Smith with Elisabeth Sladen...