November 11th, 2010


Poem for Thursday, Sugarloaf, Sarah Jane

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I managed to get almost nothing done on Tuesday -- watched news reports on the London student demonstrations, organized a bunch of files, started the dreaded summer-winter closet shift, put gas in the car, went to the post office which had only two windows open at the big local branch office so was very fortunate that there were only 6-7 people in line ahead of me, since it meant I had to wait less than the usual 45 minutes -- then when the kids got home I did even more exciting things like emptying the dishwasher while they were having snacks in the kitchen since they are most likely to discuss their days with me if I happen to be in the kitchen while they're munching Mini-Wheats.

I am going to miss Undercovers when it disappears from my Wednesday evening schedule -- I really love the cast, though the plots continue to rely on too much magic tech. We watched both part of The Sarah Jane Adventures' "Death of the Doctor" afterward, though, which I absolutely adored -- I don't care if it can be preachy as the villain accuses, Tennant's Doctor was often just as bad in that regard, and watching Smith makes me miss him even if I'd had enough of the God-Doctor by the end of his tenure. I never watched Jo Grant -- the Third Doctor was before my time -- but I absolutely love the Companions bonding, taking even less time than Sarah Jane and Rose did to realize that they were never competitors. The Doctor is a means to an end rather than a prize; I'd do just about anything for a man or woman with a TARDIS, too!

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