November 16th, 2010


Poem for Tuesday and Critter Crafts

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I spent a delightful Monday with dementordelta and gblvr! The former brought me books and cherry bread, the latter a pair of earrings I had dibs on since she first made them for her Etsy store. We went to the Washington Hebrew Sisterhood's holiday boutique, held every year in the building where my kids went to Hebrew school, where there are a big range of crafts, clothing, and Israeli imports -- lots of jewelry, lots of accessories. Then we went to the mall for lunch so some of us could get Indian food and some of us could get crepes, and ended up doing a lot of girly shopping -- Hot Topic, Brighton, The Icing, Claire's, Bath & Body Works. After that we came back here to watch The Song of Lunch since dementordelta hadn't seen it (and none of us ever objects to Alan Rickman or Emma Thompson), and because I'd promised to record When In Rome for gblvr but hadn't done it yet, we watched that too.

Evening was a bit chaotic around here because older son had an interview with a Penn alumnus; most of my family ate while I was still watching movies with my friends. apaulled dropped off son for the interview and went to the local library while I ate late and younger son showed me Julian Smith YouTube videos. Older son thinks the interview went well -- it was low-key and sounds like it was more of a casual conversation than a grilling about his academic and career goals, but this was his first "real" interview as opposed to an informal meeting with a grad student, so I had no idea what to expect. We watched some Monty Python to unwind ("The Attila the Hun Show" hee) in an attempt to avoid having to see the Redskins humiliating themselves to Eagles, but despite Washington having guaranteed Donovan McNabb's future earlier in the day, I had to listen to announcers praising Michael Vick, and that makes me want to stop watching pro football.

Now, however, I am happy and relaxed because I watched first Jon Stewart's clips about how people from opposing political parties acquire false nostalgia for presidents they opposed and blocked at every turn while they were in office, then the "It Gets Worse" fake ad with John Oliver, Wyatt Cenac, et al to let John McCain know that his hypocrisy about defending Don't Ask, Don't Tell is making him look like an even bigger asshat than when he picked Sarah Palin as his running mate. Huntley Meadows Park's nature center had these natural animal ornaments for sale:

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