November 18th, 2010


Poem for Thursday and Cypress Swamp

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It was a relatively uneventful Wednesday after a very stormy night during which thunderstorms woke me several times, but at least our neighborhood suffered no big downed trees like several others around here. The morning was chilly and windy but clear and since the leaves were falling fast, I took a walk to see them around work and lunch. In the afternoon, I took Adam to the orthodontist, who was apparently quite pleased that son always wears his retainers and said he doesn't need him back for a check-up for five months. We got bubble tea, which is always good, but the mall is already decorated for Christmas, which before Thanksgiving I just find depressing.

We were going to watch Undercovers but NBC preempted it for a Dateline about William and Kate's engagement, so we watched that instead, since I really know nothing about either of them; I stopped being any sort of royal-watcher when Princess Grace died and I only paid attention to her because she was Grace Kelly. They seem like a nice pair of kids, younger than their ages, not terribly deep but a lot more grounded than Charles and Diana did when they got engaged, so I wish them well and hope they don't have a ridiculously expensive wedding. Daniel wanted to watch more Monty Python afterward, which seemed extremely appropriate somehow, particularly since it was an episode with Margaret Thatcher jokes.

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