November 20th, 2010

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Poem for Saturday, 'Deathly Hallows,' Wet Leaves

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As we have done for the past several films in the franchise, gblvr and I met up bright and early -- before the movie theater complex doors were unlocked -- for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. I enjoyed it a lot, which I know must sound like faint praise -- I was hyperventilating after Prisoner of Azkaban, and swooning at least a bit over Lucius Malfoy after Chamber of Secrets -- but it's definitely hard for me to evaluate Part One without knowing what will be included in Part Two. At first glance (and I'm seeing it again in IMAX on Saturday so I reserve the right to revisit everything I say), it's very well-edited and faithful to the book mostly in good ways while cutting out a lot of Rowling's excessive exposition dumps and redundancy, but there are certain explanations I've been waiting for since the third movie that have still never been committed to the screen, which make the entire movie franchise an incomplete adaptation if they don't show up in the last one...producing so many hours of film while still requiring viewers to have read the books to really get it is simply not fair. Collapse )

Possibly more on DH tomorrow. The rest of my Friday was as delightful as getting to go to the movies first thing in the morning: gblvr and I went to lunch at Tara Thai, and afterward we walked around a bit in the shopping area near Washingtonian Lake, including the pottery store which we discovered also does fused glass, the cupcake store where we agreed we'd better look not eat, and the accessory store Charming Charlie, which had moved in since we were last there (very inexpensive and fun jewelry, shoes, scarves, bags, sweaters, arranged primarily by color and in some cases by theme). Then I came home, fed the cats, fed the kids, took a walk, took a shower, and my dad came over for dinner (Merlot chicken and tofu by apaulled) since my mother was out at a synagogue event.

I liked the Lois and Clark (and Oliver and Tess and Aquaman and Mera) aspects of Smallville, but was quite distracted by the Cylon references -- Collapse ) I actually preferred Sanctuary, particularly since it was full of Harry Potter links -- not just werewolves of London (well, England), and a better werewolf romance than Lupin and Tonks, but Tesla sulking when Helen won't flirt back while they work together and asking, "What am I, your house elf?" to which she replied, "Thank you Dobby!" Okay, enough blather. Here are a bunch of photos from Calvert Cliffs, Catoctin, and Huntley Meadows of autumn reflected in creeks and streams:

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