November 23rd, 2010

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Poem for Tuesday and National Aquarium

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It was a quiet Monday of laundry and other unexciting chores -- the most time-consuming of which being the great seasonal closet switch, in which the winter clothes stashed at the back get moved to the front and the summer clothes get stashed to the back. I always end up having to re-order the transitional seasonal stuff -- the long-sleeved but not particularly warm blouses and the lighter denim -- and then I start trying things on to see if they still fit and if I still like them, and sending the rejects down the basement for VVA, so this always ends up taking more time than I think it will. Going down the basement at this time of year also invariably means fighting off cave crickets; by "fighting," I mean that they jump six feet in the air, then I scream and go get a container to throw them outside, by which time they have hidden in some dark corner where I can't get to them and neither can the cats.

I think I am going to review the upcoming Kate Mosse book for the Green Man Review, so I spent some time reading Sepulchre, her previous one, which I keep reading in fits and starts to draw it out...there aren't a lot of decent mysteries that combine Magdalene conspiracies, the Cathars, Debussy, the Carcassonne region, and Tarot cards, and though this one suffers from an excess of exposition, it's still a lot of fun with strong female characters. Since my Trek reviewing schedule is all messed up because of Thanksgiving, I watched a terrible horrible Next Gen episode, "Genesis," with my kids laughing throughout (the only good part is that it's the one where Spot has kittens, even though Spot is an iguana at the time). Then we watched the Chargers creaming the Broncos, though I have very little invested in either team so I couldn't get worked up about it!

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