December 3rd, 2010


Poem for Friday and Folger Henry VIII Exhibit

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I had a very lovely day with gblvr, who accompanied me to celebrate cidercupcakes' conversion to Judaism! She is the first person I've known who decided to convert where an impending marriage wasn't an issue, so it's been interesting for me, as a heretical Goddess-oriented Jew myself, to follow her progress, and I adore her rabbi even though I've never met her. We had lunch at Lebanese Taverna with cidercupcakes' mother, fox1013, and inlovewithnight, and though I've known the latter two online for a while, I'd never met either before, so we had lots of entertaining fangirl chat as well as religious and holiday-related conversation. Since we were in downtown Silver Spring, gblvr and I also stopped in Ulta, where I put on more blue eyeshadow than I've worn since eighth grade and scared my family when I got home.

Older son did not have nearly as good a day; his backpack was swiped right out from under him at lunch, and although school security quickly recovered it, whoever took it stole all the money in his wallet (nearly $80), his phone, and his flash drive. We've already replaced the latter and have told him repeatedly how dumb it is to carry so much cash around, but the phone is going to be a real pain to replace. Evening was quiet around here -- watched the $%!# My Dad Says rerun, then the Wikileaks episode of Nikita, which was very entertaining -- timely storyline, Nikita way ahead of Division, and the Darth Vader promotion ceremony by Percy really made me laugh. Also, I am psyched about the arsenic-based life form -- the Horta will be next!

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