December 4th, 2010


Poem for Saturday and Holiday Celebrations

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It was quite a cold but pretty Friday, and when I wasn't working on my not-very-happy review of "Journey's End", I was outside admiring the birds and squirrels both on our deck and in the woods (no deer today, though there were earlier in the week). Daniel's school reported that they'd caught whoever stole his backpack -- if he files an incident report, he may be able to get some of his things back, though I'm not sure whether that will work with the cash or only the phone and flash drive. Just the phone would be wonderful to retrieve!

We had dinner for Shabbat and Chanukah with my parents -- latkes, faux Swedish meatballs, faux chicken, donuts -- and exchanged gifts. I got a Jewish-themed bracelet and cash which is going toward my Kindle once I have birthday money too; the kids had asked for and received cash since they're both saving up for big electronics. We got my parents games to play with their grandkids, and we got my dad Redskins history DVDs.

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Friday evening TV was awesome. First Smallville gave me three gifts: Collapse ) Then on Sanctuary we got Collapse ) And any time there's a flashback with Amanda Tapping in Victorian clothes, no matter how anachronistic, I am very happy. LiveJournal has been down for maintenance all evening, so I couldn't get to my scrapbook or drafts, so now I shall end and post this while I can!