December 7th, 2010

green little review

Poem for Tuesday and Longwood Outdoors

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I spent Monday catching up from being out of the house most of the weekend -- lots of e-mail, working on holiday cards, making some earrings as gifts, trying to keep cats off heating vents on one of the first really chilly days of the season. It was sunny enough that I felt like taking a walk after lunch and saw three deer on the path in the woods -- I'm pretty sure it's the mother and fawns we've been seeing most of the year, though now one of the younger ones is growing antlers. I can't believe Chanukah is already 3/4 over -- it doesn't even really feel like December yet.

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We watched the season finale of Boardwalk Empire, which was in some ways a relief though in others a letdown. I had been afraid it would end with a bloodbath or at least with bad news for various female characters, but nothing was resolved but the election (whose results I already knew, since Harding won in a landslide). Which is great for next season -- it means every character I really like will probably be back -- but what a low-key way to drop things, with no showdown between Jimmy and Angela, no showdown between Nucky and either Lucy or Margaret, no showdown between Nelson and...well, anyone. I'm all in favor of less violence on shows about mobsters and not insisting upon cliffhangers, but it all seems so anticlimactic! Just like the Jets falling apart against New England on Monday Night Football afterward.