December 16th, 2010


Poem for Thursday, Kindle, Countryside Artisans

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I have no idea where Wednesday went -- I spent it entirely in the house and mostly in front of a computer, yet I feel like I got less done than on Tuesday when I spent the entire day eating, shopping, and watching movies. I looked up a whole bunch of Kindle-related accessories and programs, and spent some time converting pdf and txt files with Calibre and Mobipocket just to see what kind of output I'd get -- I am confused why some docs convert fine while others won't convert at all -- does the Kindle read all docs? I can't tell from the PC version of the Kindle software. I'm holding off on buying books till I actually have the Kindle in my hands -- I am shamefully disappointed that there's not a eBook version of Richard Bach's Illusions.

But other than that and some organization and chatting with my kids and cleaning up various things that needed to be cleaned, particularly the heating vents, which were practically clogged with cat fur, I am not sure where all those hours went. Even the evening, which started late because Superpoke Pets started their holiday quest and made me late for dinner -- we all watched Next Gen's "Bloodlines" since I have to review it and it was as plodding as the first time around, then nothing till the frigid weather report with snow threatening. Here are some photos from the Countryside Artisans winter tour a couple of weekends ago when it was positively balmy:

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