December 20th, 2010

green little review

Poem for Monday, Kennedy Center, Ocean Quartet

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Stephen Winick read the above poem during of the Ocean Quartet's solstice concert this evening, though I spent most of the day at performances -- first to see my cousin-in-law Emily Levey in the new musical Snow White, Rose Red (and Fred) at the Kennedy Center, then at the Ocean Quartet's Song of Solstice CD release party at Convergence Lab in Alexandria. dementordelta came with us to both -- the musical with my kids, the concert without -- though we weren't sure we were going to make it to either because we got ANOTHER flat tire, this one on the Beltway! A tow truck driver from T And T Towing in McLean came to our rescue struggling with the spare tire and didn't even accept payment, so although I never heard his name, I want to shout out a big HAPPY HOLIDAYS to him!

Paul made eggnog pancakes with eggs for brunch, which I hope made up to dementordelta for the fact that we bored her with football between the shows (the Ravens beat the Saints, which is very good news; the Redskins lost to the Cowboys, which they deserved; the Giants lost to the Eagles, which sucks). We also watched Stephen Colbert's Christmas special because we were all in the mood for it. Snow White, Rose Red (and Fred) is delightful -- targeted at kids, since it's kind of a crossover between Glee and the Brothers Grimm, but with funny original songs and a lot of energy in the performances. We've been waiting for Jennifer Cutting's solstice CD since we saw the Ocean Quartet's holiday show at the US Naval Observatory three years ago, so I am delighted finally to have it, and to have gotten to hear Jennifer, Steve, Lisa Moscatiello, and Cheryl Hurwitz (whom we met last summer at Glen Echo when her adorable daughter sat with us) perform everything from "In the Bleak Midwinter" to "Ma'oz Tzur" to "Summer Will Come 'Round Again."

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