December 27th, 2010

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Poem for Monday, Boyds Bear Country & Aslan's Country

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Happy Kwanzaa! We had a fairly low-key day because of the weather forecast, which dropped from potentially ten inches of snow to five inches of snow to three inches of snow to less than two inches of snow...ultimately we ended up with less by nightfall than we got a couple of weeks ago, though considering what fell both south and north of us, we got lucky. When it was obvious by lunchtime that we were in no danger of a blizzard, we decided to go see The Voyage of the Dawn Treader in 3D, since the rest of the family hadn't seen the film at all and I'd only seen the standard print. This is definitely my favorite of the Chronicles of Narnia thus far -- I can't resist sea voyages or dragons, and I really think the young actors playing Edmund and Lucy are stronger in those roles than Peter and Susan ever were, even though Aslan is more explicitly Jesus in this installment. Younger son, who never read the book, had many criticisms of the story, but I think it holds together a lot better than Prince Caspian.

Our lucky unwatched football streak continued, as the Redskins beat the Jaguars and the Ravens beat Cleveland -- the latter clinching a playoff berth, woohoo! -- while we were ignoring their games at the movies. My parents invited us over for dinner, a combination of leftovers and other things since so many of us have different dietary demands, plus I ate way too many chocolate covered least I'd managed to exercise earlier, and we watched part of the comedy of the Packers slaying the Giants. In the evening, older son was finishing up college essays and younger son was working on photos, so we watched the second Night at the Museum movie since they'd seen it before -- the one with Amelia Earhart, who is the saving grace for the sillier parts. It's supposed to be very, very cold tomorrow, though without additional snow, so I'm still not sure what we'll be doing on Monday other than the kids have requested no museums. Here are the last photos I'll ever post from Boyds Bear Country, which is closing early in the new year:

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