January 14th, 2011

little review

Poem for Friday and National Shrine

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I did a lot of running around on Thursday but I got everything done that I needed to. Tiara Gallery had a launch party for the new Vera Bradley spring items (and were giving away Pocket Pals without purchase and coin purses with purchase), so I went there first, then I stopped at Tuesday Morning and Barnes & Noble (I had to get dementordelta something to read over the weekend, heh, and now there's a Kindle version, yay!). Since I was across the street from it, I went to Bagel City, intending to have lunch there, but I realized that I could get four bagels and a container of walnut raisin cream cheese to take home for the same price as a bagel sandwich there, so I got my lunch to go, came home, and ate.

By then it was only an hour before Adam got home, and I'd promised to take him out to get poster board and frames and things he needed for a photo project. So we went to AC Moore, and we stopped at the CVS next door for exciting things like toothpaste. We missed $#!% My Dad Says because I needed to review the last episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation, "All Good Things..." and I knew Daniel would want to watch, but he starts final exams tomorrow (so does Adam, but because of college applications, Daniel really MUST do well!). And that's about all the important news. Here are some photos from the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception (part of my ongoing "post some of these photos that are lying around" project for the month):

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