January 21st, 2011

get critical

Poem for Friday and Liberty Museum

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I got up early and showered and made myself presentable and went off to my doctor appointment that was postponed from Tuesday after the snow...only to discover that the idiot receptionist (who'd insisted on the phone that my appointment was at 8:30 that day even though I had both a card and a phone message from the office saying it was at 9:30) had put me down on the wrong day, after I confirmed twice that it was Thursday. So now I have to do that NEXT Wednesday, and spent the rest of the morning catching up on stupid things I didn't get done THIS Wednesday while my internet was out. Adam finished his morning exam and was out of school close to noon, but he spent most of the afternoon at a friend's house, while Daniel stayed at school for robotics.

The wonderful ethelking sent me A Single Man as a present, so of course I had to watch it the minute it arrived in the mail. I knew how it ended, so I was ready for that, but I didn't realize that Colin Firth's character was an English professor, which made me happy. Firth's performance is amazing -- it's very different from his performance in The King's Speech, which requires a whole different technical level of acting skill, but he's in every single scene, often in close-ups, and the emotion he can convey with a single twitch of an eyebrow or flare of a nostril makes nearly every actor I can think of look like he's overdoing it.

We watched $%!# My Dad Says (horribly silly, but amusing), then the first episode of Star Trek: The Animated Series, which I get the dubious privilege of reviewing for the next several weeks...on the plus side, the episodes are short and I haven't seen many of them, and Uhura seems to have more to do here than in the original series itself. SPP this week has Midsummer Night's Dream items, so I went and collected those -- there are Shakespeare backgrounds this entire month, which I love. We are happy the giant pandas are staying at the National Zoo, and that's everything I can think of at this hour!

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