January 24th, 2011


Poem for Monday and Brookside Gardens

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Paul and I had the house to ourselves Sunday morning while the kids were at robotics and Hebrew school respectively, so I was very lazy before lunch and read the paper and part of my book. After lunch, we picked up Adam and went to Brookside Gardens, where half the greenhouse has just been renovated for the spring and the other half is still closed while the walkways are replaced. It was below 30 degrees outside, so very nice to walk around indoors among orchids before taking a swing through the paths outside, where most of the holiday lights are still hanging -- they just don't turn them on at night.

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It was a relatively quiet evening, too; we watched the Packers beat the Bears and Pittsburgh beat the Jets, had boca burgers for dinner, and some of us watched Downton Abbey while others played video games. (I must be a bitch because I do not have it in me to feel sorry for Mary; she's too horrible to other women.) I am sure I don't need to explain how happy I am that The King's Speech won the Producers Guild award -- I may write an essay on why it is the anti-Social Network, despite the fact that superficially they're both about extremely privileged men. My kids have no school tomorrow for the end of the term, but older son has robotics, and I may take younger son out for bagels!