January 27th, 2011

little review

Placeholder for Thursday

*waves* No power, no internet, but plenty of snow. Kids had no school today, will have no school tomorrow -- the county announced early, for once. I had a doctor's appointment in the morning that I could not miss, having had to postpone the last one due to snow; they were running behind, but my bloodwork was okay except for the ongoing low iron issues, so I can't complain. Watched Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan in the afternoon with the family since everyone was home, enjoyed it as much as ever, have no idea what I can say in a review that will be remotely original. I intended to get some exercise but the snow started falling hard in the late afternoon and our power kept flickering; we lost internet around 9 and power around 10. Nights like this are why I still pay for AOL dial-up privileges. See you all tomorrow and if the power and cable aren't back on, you'll know who's screaming.