February 1st, 2011

little review

Poem for Tuesday and Weird Monday

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I had a strange and stressful day with some major highs and major lows. I had plans with dementordelta that we'd already postponed twice, but she was really sick this morning, so I knew early on that we weren't going to spend the day having a Firth-a-thon. So I did some writing and caught up on a bunch of stuff that I'm STILL behind on from the snowstorm last week -- we have another one arriving tonight, joy -- and apaulled came home and took me to the movies since I'm likely to be trapped in the house for the rest of the week, which improved my mood somewhat.

Then I came home to two pieces of truly great news: older son got into the University of Maryland, which we were pretty sure he would, but nothing's a certainty till you have the letter on the table, and I love how when I say I have good news on Facebook, I get so many people "liking" it and being happy with me. Plus beeej gave me an awesome, awesome present, which will undoubtedly make me smile for many days to come. I'm in a state of disorganization as a result of my mood swings over the course of the day, so here is a rainbow from last summer: