February 4th, 2011


Poem for Friday and Backyard Visitors

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I had a very nice Thursday! I fought with work in the morning, then had lunch at the Corner Bakery with vertigo66 so I could return the Colin Firth movies I borrowed from her and bring her some of mine. Then I went to do a bunch of chores at the stores near there -- it's in a Target-Kohl's-Barnes & Noble complex -- and remembered that since it was Thursday and now February, I could go get my monthly freebie from Bath & Body Works, which this month meant travel-size shower gel, lotion, and fragrance mist in any scent. On the way home, I stopped in a local store that's going out of business that has always carried Vera Bradley, and they had Pink Elephants cargo slings at 75% off, so now I can carry my camera, my Kindle, and all my other crap in a single bag for trips.

Then I came home, did a bit more work, and went out to dinner with gblvr at the mall -- as is becoming our usual, we had Indian food. We also went into several clothing, jewelry, and cosmetics stores, though I was horrified to discover that the Icing is liquidating their jewelry holders. At home we watched $#!% My Dad Says (poor Lee Majors, Captain Kirk can beat you any time), then I was all excited to watch the cast of The King's Speech on Piers Morgan but yet again he postponed them to cover the situation in Egypt...which I agree is very important, but CNN had been covering it all day and I'm not entirely sure what he had to contribute to the reporting. Of course, I didn't stick around to find out; we watched Nikita instead, which was rather preposterous but quite enjoyable as always. Then we watched the Middle East coverage afterward (Colbert just said of the American attention span: "Ten days? I say free yourselves or get off the pot. We've got a Super Bowl coming."). Below is my late afternoon distraction, a squirrel and bird visiting my deck:

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