February 8th, 2011


Poem for Tuesday and National Cathedral Glass

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I had a pretty quiet Monday working on articles and doing chores, at least until late afternoon when dementordelta told me I'd want to check out this week's Newsweek so I checked out their web site -- my local Giant didn't have the new issue -- and watched all the Oscar Roundtable discussions, which are enormous fun (Colin Firth talks about how it's really hard to play a love scene with someone you're in love with, Michelle Williams talks about Dawson's Creek, Annette Bening is the one who's most consistently brilliant).

Since I was on a roll, I also watched Colin Firth on Inside the Actors Studio -- I loathe Lipton, but he inadvertently made me fall in love with Russell Crowe, so I know he can't ruin anyone I really like for me. We watched The Chicago Code, which is pretty well done -- I like getting to see the city and I like the cast, though the show may end up being too violent for me -- then we watched Harry's Law, which continued its trend of being 1) ridiculous and 2) enjoyable for all that, though it's a lot darker than Boston Legal was this early in its broadcast despite Tommy Jefferson clearly wishing he could be Denny Crane.

Here are a few photos from the stained glass tour at the National Cathedral on Sunday. The light was wonderful, making patterns all over the place as it came through the windows.

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