February 9th, 2011


Poem for Wednesday. Three Movies, Meadowside Animals

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Tuesday was a movie day, excuse me, a laundry and chores day. First -- and I completely blame my friends on Facebook for this -- was Mamma Mia, in which everyone is still adorable but the singing is still excruciatingly bad. I was trying to decide this time whether the anthemic use of "Dancing Queen" by women my age and older counted as a feminist joy enough to negate the atrocious music while watching the second film, The Runaways, which I was kind of hoping would be an empowering view of the all-female band. Sadly, I can't find any way to read it as such; it's a bunch of very sad, very young girls being mistreated by nearly everyone in their lives, often including each other, and while Kristen Stewart makes a memorable young Joan Jett, she's a mess of sex and drugs and rock & roll; I kept wishing there was more attention paid to the fans the group inspired, the women of rock who came later and didn't have to sell themselves with corsets.

Younger son had tennis, so I took him there and took a walk before dinner. We watched Glee, which I am so not into this season it's not funny -- I don't care whether Finn ends up with Rachel or Quinn or Kurt, I don't care whether Puck has developed a soul or just an erection -- then we put on The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus so we could see it before it disappeared from cable, which I am not sure I liked, exactly, but it's not boring for a moment other than being a bit slow to get into what passes for its plot. Collapse ) Here are some photos from Meadowside Nature Center on Sunday, which has small reptiles inside, wild birds at its feeders, and injured raptors in outdoor cages:

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