February 13th, 2011


Poem for Sunday and Virginia Nature

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Our original plan was to meet my in-laws at the B&O Railroad Museum in Baltimore for a turntable demonstration, but they ended up having something they needed to do in Hanover. Then we thought about going to the chocolate festival at the National Museum of the Native American, but Adam wasn't all that enthusiastic (Daniel was at robotics of course) and I ran late getting dressed after lunch. So we ended up going to two nature centers in Virginia, one of which we hadn't visited since the boys were quite young -- Gulf Branch in Arlington, which has local animals on the main level, Native American artifacts and a reproduction canoe on the first level, and a log cabin and blacksmith's shop outside near the creek. Then we went to Potomac Overlook Park, which we usually visit for concerts in the summers -- several local folk musicians often play there -- but we haven't spent a lot of time in the nature center, which has snakes, turtles, raptors in outdoor cages, and bird feeders with lots of little local songbirds.

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I need to remember to take Zane Campbell's "Post Mortem Bar" off my MP3 player, because every time it comes up in the rotation, I remember that I am not coordinated enough to walk and sob at the same time. Paul made (fake) chicken parmesan for dinner, plus Italian herb bread that sat in the bread machine all day and made the whole house smell like food. In the evening I suggested to Adam that we put on Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'Hoole -- which we own on DVD but hadn't watched since we saw it in the theater -- thinking maybe he would think I was in the mood for owls after the nature centers, but everyone correctly figured out that I wanted to watch it because Geoffrey Rush does the voice of Ezylryb. Fine, busted, but I really do like that movie -- story's corny but the animation is beautiful and all the voice actors (Helen Mirren, David Wenham, Hugo Weaving, et al) are terrific. So there.