February 15th, 2011


Poem for Tuesday and Valentine Lions

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I had an awesome Valentine's Day. dementordelta came over and we went to see The King's Speech, which we have been trying to do together for a month, but snow and work and flu and various other obstacles kept getting in our way! Then we picked up crepes, came home and watched A Single Man (whose ending we both agree is bullshit), Hope Springs (which is fluffy and definitely NOT feminist but entertaining), and a bunch of specials. She brought me some awesome presents, too.

For dinner Paul made hoppin' john, then chocolate fondue (with a bar of Melting Pot chocolate) for dessert. We exchanged cards -- my mother stopped by and we exchanged cards with her, too. Evening TV included David E. Kelley's fantasy legal profession on Harry's Law and Jon Stewart on democracy a la Willy Wonka. And Paul adopted a litter of lions from the National Zoo for us, meaning that we got four stuffed lion cubs, a glossy photo of one of the zoo's new real cubs, an adoption certificate, and a fact sheet about the lion conservation work at the zoo to which our money is going. Even Rosie approved!

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