February 19th, 2011


Poem for Saturday and Maryland in Glass

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I had a terrible horrible morning at the doctor's -- she ran late, the procedures were horrible, the only good news is that everything looked fine to her. I collapsed for a while when I got home, then dragged myself up and finished a possibly-incoherent-due-to-meds review of Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home, which was fun to rewatch but Gillian is still a problem for me. Ah well, the movie's not really about her.

Congress enraged me -- what else is new. We had dinner with my parents, came home for Smallville, which is clearly reaching its endgame, which makes me sad, though I've really loved this season, even mediocre storylines like this one, because the characters have been delightful -- then we watched Easy Virtue, which has a fantastic soundtrack and lots of very good actors playing fairly unpleasant characters. If I married someone and Colin Firth turned out to be his father, I'd have a big problem.

Here are some photos of the Maryland window at National Cathedral, with symbols of the state and images from its history:

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