February 23rd, 2011

get critical

Poem for Wednesday, National Aquarium, Firthfest

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The kids had a two-hour delay due to the ice storm last night, so everything was slow here from the get-go. I had a bunch of work chores to get done in the morning, which I did diligently because I wanted to fold laundry. Why did I want to fold laundry? So I could watch Colin Firth movies while doing so, of course. I made the mistake of starting with Apartment Zero, which I'd been told was really homoerotic, which it is, but it's also really homophobic, though really none of the characters are sympathetic much. I had to put on What a Girl Wants to get rid of the bad taste it left.

Paul decided we needed hoecakes for George Washington's birthday, since we missed them at Mount Vernon. We watched Glee, which had mediocre music -- with the exception of finally giving Brittany another big number -- plus not enough Sue and too much After-School Special tone despite overall encouragement of underage drinking, which my kids both found hilarious. At that point we put on St. Trinian's, figuring it couldn't corrupt the kids any further, and howled through the whole thing, not just playing count-the-references-to-other-Colin-Firth movies, though that was fun too.

Here are some photos from the Australia section of the National Aquarium in Baltimore:

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